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Countryside Barns Inc Storage Sheds and Gazebos

Product Detail


The Country barn has good ol’ country style and includes windows for a great look and a very roomy barn.

Product Summary

· 12ft X 12ft        $3,285.00       

· 12ft X 16ft        $3,869.00       

· 12ft X 20ft        $4,685.00       

· 12ft X 24ft        $5,275.00       

· 12ft X 28ft        $5,849.00       

· 12ft X 32ft        $6,460.00       

· 14ft X 32ft      $8,045.00

· 14ft X 36ft      $8,795.00

· 14ft X 40ft      $9,545.00

Starting Price: $3,285.00

· Buildings are built on 4"x6" pressure treated skids.

· All exposed wood is pressure treated.

· Pressure treated premium grade siding is used on all buildings.

· Asphalt 30 year grade shingles are used for roofing.

· Heavy duty 2x4 reinforced doors designed to seal out rain and rodents.

· Doors are key lockable for your protection.

· All buildings are treated with a weather resistant sealer.

· Series of air vents are positioned to create optimum circulation and temperature control.

· 2 windows included in front.

SKU/Item Number: 009000

Country Barn pictured above

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